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11 of the world's most epic water slides

Water slides are an immemorial summer staple, whether it’s days spent at your local water park or doing it DIY style in your back yard with a tarp, a garden hose and a cheap bottle of shampoo. So as the weather starts to warm up, we have put together a list of the biggest, the highest, the fastest, the coolest and the just plain weirdest water slides around the world. From the Bahamas to Berlin to Bali, and our very own Wet’n’Wild parks, there is plenty of H2O action to be had for families looking for some water-induced thrills.

1. AquaLoop

Where: WET'N'WILD, Gold Coast
Minimum Rider Height: 120 cm

AquaLoop is made up of four massive, see-through, looping slides. Riders enter and stand on a trap door, left to wait anxiously in suspense, before being released down a heart-stopping 12-metre free fall that reaches insane speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour. Phew, I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

TOO SMALL? The park’s Junior Slide is a zone just for little adventurers.

2. Cyclone

Where: World Waterpark, Canada
Minimum Rider Height:130 cm

Canada’s largest indoor water park is home to over 20 water slides. But the biggest and best? The aptly named Cyclone. With a 360-degree loop-the-loop it drops speedsters into a 16-metre free fall before shooting them into an almost vertical twist and then dropping them – quite unceremoniously – into the pool for a paddle (to calm the nerves).

TOO SMALL? Younger guests can hang ten in the Blue Thunder wave pool.

© World Waterpark Canada

3. H2GO Racer

Where: WET'N'WILD, Sydney
Minimum Rider Height: 110 cm

Challenge your family and friends to the most epic of races down the H2GO Racer at Sydney’s very own Wet’n’Wild. As the start signal moves from red to green riders slide head first down this eight lane race course, twisting through the air inside an enclosed tube, before completing a 360-degree turn and coming up for air at the finish line.

TOO SMALL? Mini speedos can head to Nickelodeon Beach to ride down the kid-friendly, miniature v 01 ersion of the H2GO Racer.

4. Climax

Where: Waterbom, Bali
Minimum Rider Height: 120 cm

Trade a day on the beach for a day indulging in wet and wild adventures. Waterbom Bali has 22 water slides, but without a doubt, Climax steals the spotlight. This 19-metre vertical slide drops riders through a trapdoor and propels them along a dramatic dip up to 64 kilometres per hour.

TOO SMALL? Visit the Funtastic water zone with smaller slides, water cannons and jets.

© Waterbom Bali

Leap of Faith at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

5. Leap of Faith

Where: Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas
Minimum Rider Height: 120cm

This almost-perpendicular slide cascades down a life-sized replica of a Mayan temple – the hallmark of the resort’s 56-hectare waterscape – but for most, the real ‘leap of faith’ occurs after the initial 18-metre drop... when you’re hurtled at speeds of up to 56 kilometres an hour through a transparent tunnel in a shark-filled lagoon! Sound scary? You betcha. Just try and keep your eyes open throughout this spine-chilling, stomachchurning ride of a lifetime.

TOO SMALL? The Splashers water play area is designed with the youngest of water babies in mind with no area being more than 90 centimetres deep. Also Mayan-themed, it features three tube slides, a side-by-side slide, cargo nets and rope bridges, cannons and fountains – so younger members of the family have no reason to feel left out.

6. Water Slide Tower

Where:Tropical Islands Resort, Berlin
Minimum Rider Height: All ages

Tropical Islands Resort is as quirky as they come: the water park sits under a giant dome within an old aircraft hangar. The rainforestthemed park could easily fit eight football fields and you can even take a hot air balloon ride inside! It is also host to Germany’s highest water slide tower. At 27 metres, the turbo slide is the tallest and is the same height as a four-storey building. There are four different slides sprouting from the mammoth stronghold, including the 76-metre-long turbo slide, reaching speeds of 70 kilometres per hour, or a leisurely family slide.

AquaDunk, Disney Cruise Line

©Water Slide Tower, Tropical Islands Berlin


7. AquaDunk

Where: Disney Cruise Line
Minimum Rider Height: 120 cm

Speedy slides and the sea? What a perfect combination. On board Disney Magic this three-storey body slide begins with a Donald Duck countdown before sending you on a swift and splashy ride in a tube that extends six metres over the side of the ship and finishes with an unforgettable splashdown.

TOO SMALL? Head to the family-friendly Twist’n’Spout waterslide at the AquaLab.


8. King Cobra

Where: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey
Minimum Rider Height: 120 cm

Just the sight of this creepy crawly will give you the shivers... 78 metres of red, white and black scaly mega-snake. On this one-of-a-kind racer riders hurtle through twin tracks of coiled tail, shoot down a sudden seven-metre drop at a 50-degree angle before the finale... bulleting up into the cobra's mouth! The illusion of being swallowed by the crazy-eyed snake will have little ones both giddy and terrified and most likely feeling like they have lived life on the edge enough for one day.

TOO SMALL? Splash into fun at the new Caribbean Cove water play area.

Toboggan at Citta del Mare


9. Toboggan

Where:Citta del Mare, Italy
Minimum Rider Height: All Ages

Eleven slides form Sicily's most scenic water attraction, running down a steep cliff on the northwest coast of the island and depositing riders straight into the Mediterranean Sea! Quickly take in the spectacular views on the journey down because it won't be long until you are splashing about in the ocean. Did someone say let's go again?


10. Cartoonival

Where: Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, Thailand
Minimum Rider Height: 90 cm

The world's largest themed water park is packed with over 150 water features, including nine water slides, two massive water buckets dumping thousands of litres of water on visitors below and so much more. Featuring characters from The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Chowder and The Amazing World of Gumball, it is as whimsical as it is wet.

King Cobra, New Jersey

Jumeirah Sceirah, Dubai


11. Jumeirah Sceirah

Where:Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai
Minimum Rider Height: 110 cm

The Jumeirah Sceirah is one of the tallest and fastest vertical drop water slides outside of the United States and the slide tower itself is famous for its insane views over Dubai – you can even see the Burj Al Arab. Once at the top of 32-metre tower, two capsules await two little daredevils to ride in tandem. Guests must cross their arms and legs as the capsule closes and then the countdown begins. Three, two, one... before you know it, the floor beneath you disappears and riders sail down the 120-metre slide at an astonishing speed of 80 kilometres per hour. Within seconds, racers will be at the bottom of the slide and completely out of breath. To put it mildly, this ride is pure adrenaline. Afterwards, pair up for a water rollercoater ride down the Master Blasters.

TOO SMALL? Hop in a floatie and drift down Juha’s Journey.

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