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Q&A with Torah Bright

Alex DC chats to Aussie Olympian Torah Bright.

How did it feel to be at the top of one of those big jumps at the Olympics? What was going through your mind? Were you scared?
There are some nerves in the air always; scared… never. When it’s show time, I am prepared for what I am about to go and do. I have done it hundreds of times before and it is just a matter of having my heart, mind and body all working together with the pressure of performing in a contest.

Tell me about your best signature moves.
I don’t really have a signature move of my own, but I do have a couple of favourites! The McTwist in the pipe is one of them; it’s an inverted backside 540 and when done right it is a really great feeling and looking trick. On jumps, a frontside 360 is my favourite. It is not super technical, just so fun! There is nothing better than riding powder though… It is like the endless wave getting pitted multiple times!

What tips can you give me and other intermediate snowboarders?
If you’re not falling you’re not trying hard enough! Haha. Just have fun and shred to the beat of your own heart!

When did you first get on a snowboard – was it love at first shred?
After being on skis since the age of two, I tried snowboarding when I was 11. It was love at first shred! The freestyle aspect of snowboarding was what sold me; the freedom, the creativity and self-expression still captivates me and has my love.

What are your favourite places to go on snow in Thredbo – the secret Torah-shreds-here places?
I love Merritts; right under the Cruiser chair there are bank turns. Back in the day I remember doing snowboard-cross events there. Riding those banks brings back memories and is still super fun! The Park is also where you will find me, riding the jump lines!

Teen Reporter Alex interviews Torah Bright

What’s it like to be recognised in the street?
To be recognised on the street is a funny one. But I do find it amazing when someone is interested in what I do and they follow, cheer and support me. It is also quite amazing to hold a conversation about snowboarding with someone my parent’s age!

Have I ANY chance of ever getting to the Olympics? Shaun White look out! What would you say to all those would-be Olympians out there?
The sky’s the limit, as they say! If you want something, working hard and being persistent is a good place to start. Work ethic goes a long way. Go get ’em!

You are very into the idea of mentoring a love of snowboarding with kids. Tell me some of the things you are doing that we (kids) can have fun with this season.
This season I am excited because I have an event: Torah Bright Mini Shred! I’m inviting boys and girls of all ages and all abilities, ski and snowboard, to come ride with me and friends in the mini shred park. We can ride together, you can ask me for tips, it will be a radically fun day with music and a barbecue with, of course, lots of giveaways!

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