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Australian Idol's Lisa Mitchell and Channel Nineís Karl Stefanovic.


Lisa MitchellShe might not have been crowned the next Australian Idol, but no-one who saw Lisa Mitchell perform could doubt she is a star of the future. Lisa comes from a small town just outside Albury, and has already built a following since she began playing in local cafes and with the covers band, Chrome.

Her parents, Ruth and Angus, and her 15-year old sister Nicola are justifiably proud. Angus introduced Lisa to the guitar from an early age, and she has been taking lessons for the past five years. Music wasnít always Lisaís dream; she loves animals and wanted to be a vet.

She is also a handy hockey player, playing for her school. But now, thanks to Australian Idol, music will be on her agenda and she can pursue her dream of becoming a professional musician and developing her own sound. She says her musical inspirations include Missy Higgins and Clare Bowditch, and she was really thrilled to receive a letter from Bowditch who wrote after seeing her perform on Idol.

Lisa says her favourite movie is the 1969 version of The Great Escape and her fave book is Tomorrow When the War Began by Australian author John Marsden. And when is Lisa happiest? ďWhen Iím making music and people are affected by it,Ē says Lisa, ďThat is when Iím happiest.Ē

Where do your family normally go on holidays?

The beach.

Whatís your first memory of being on holiday?

Camping with my cousins.

Whatís the best thing about living in the country?

Beautiful surrounds make you think clearly and are comforting.

How was it living in Sydney during Australian Idol?

I missed home because the city is overwhelming and I wished I was back in quiet Albury.

The Mitchell familyWhat was your favourite place in Sydney?

Newtown was my favourite spot because it is so laid back and it has the best almond gelato in the world!

Did you like it when your parents made you go into a kidsí club on holiday so they could have a romantic dinner?

Ha ha! I guess my sister and I had fun with all the other kids but kidsí clubs are always a bit daunting.

What sorts of things do you like to do on holidays?

I donít mind what I do as long as I'm with my friends and family, but I especially love camping and the beach.

What is your favourite family resort or hotel?

I love the Como Hotel in Melbourne.

Are you into beaches, snow, adventure or cultural holidays?

Beaches and adventure holidays.

Today Show presenters Karl Stefanovic and Jessica RoweTV presenter Karl Stefanovic has been propelled into the spotlight since stepping into the hot seat as co-host of Channel Nineís morning program, Today Show, since January 2005. He appealed to an even wider audience when he took part in Dancing on Ice, coming a very creditable second behind hunky Jake Wall. Karl surprised many, including the incredible Jayne Torville and Christopher Dean, with his skill on the ice.

Karl has been in the media for quite some time. He graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a degree in journalism in 1994, and worked for WIN-TV in Rockhampton and Cairns as a cadet reporter. He then became a reporter for One Network News in New Zealand before moving to Ten News in Brisbane. In 2000, he moved to Channel Nine as a reporter and back-up presenter with National Nine News. In 2003, he was posted to Los Angeles as one of Nine Network's US correspondents.

Karl is married to Cass and has three children Ė Jackson, 7, Ava, 1 and new addition River, born on October 26.

Any tips on how to make a holiday with teenagers better?

Ask them what they want to do. They'll love to try something fun, like a ride on the jet boat. Bushwalking is only entertaining for so long Ö

Is there anywhere you really want to go to on holidays?

I've always wanted to go backpacking around Europe and the world with my friends after I finish school.

What tips do you have for any kids who have a talent and dream of being a star?

Focus, self-confidence and determination are three essential qualities you need to make people believe in you so you can to live your dream.

Where do you like to holiday with the family?

I love heading out west and giving them a taste of the country. Also love heading to the Gold Coast and to Cairns to visit family.

Two of Karl's childrenWhat do you remember about family holidays you had as a child?

My fondest memories are of holidaying on the Gold Coast at Easter, and Cairns at Christmas. Itís hot, but brilliant to experience the reef and the rainforest.

Do you take the kids to places you went to as a child?

As much as I can. I assume theyíll love where Iím taking them and one day will take their own kids to the same places.

What sorts of things do you like to do with the kids on holidays?

I love the basic things. Going camping, swimming and hunting crocodiles every now and then.

What is your favourite family resort or hotel?

We mostly stay with friends or in motels along the way to a destination. Crown in Melbourne is a lovely treat for them, but you do need to save up for it.

Are you into beaches, snow, adventure or cultural holidays?

All of the above. Iím into easy holidays where you donít have to travel far once youíre there. Nothing worse than packing the kids up continuously.

Any tips on how to make a holiday with kids better?

Keep it simple and try and find accommodation with a kitchen. Saves a fair bit of money.

Is there anywhere on your holiday wish list you haven't been or would like to take the kids?

When the kids get a little older Iíll take them back to the United States and Europe. But before that, weíll do a trip around Australia. It is after all the most beautiful and diverse country on earth.


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