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Image credit: Disneyland USA

Disneyland’s Diamond Dazzler

Our expert on all things Disney, Aleney de Winter, looks at why the happiest place on earth only gets better with age.

Six decades since those first lucky visitors experienced the magic of Walt Disney’s incredible creation, the world’s most famous theme park continues to explore the frontiers of immersive storytelling and entertainment. In its 60 glorious years, not one bit of foreveryoung Disneyland’s sparkle has faded. In fact, this year’s Diamond Anniversary has only added extra shine to the already-dazzling Disneyland experience.

That’s right, ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ just got even happier with an 18-month-long celebration paying homage not only to Disneyland’s shiny past, but to its bright future. The park continues to embrace creativity, technology and innovation in a bid to fulfil Walt’s promise that, “As long as there is imagination left in the world, Disneyland will never be complete.”

If ever there was a time to make your Disney dreams really come true, this is it! Don your Mickey Mouse ears and celebrate in style as we round up the best of Disney’s Diamond festivities.

Diamond Days
Visitors can’t help but be mesmerised by Disneyland’s glitzy party makeover. The Sleeping Beauty Castle and the Carthay Circle Theatre have both been given a little extra shimmer, the iconic structures gleaming and glistening with brilliant diamond enhancements. The Sleeping Beauty Castle’s rooftop alone is enhanced with 100,000 blue glass crystals that sparkle and shine day and night.

Mickey Mouse and his friends have also been busy with the bedazzler and are sporting sparkling new costumes that would do an Oscars red carpet proud. The costumes aren’t the only things that have had a makeover, with new window displays in the Main Street sure to capture the attention of little ones. Visitors too can bring on the bling with a sparkling set of crystal-studded Mickey Mouse ears, and be in with a chance to win the real thing! Genuine diamonds can be won by park visitors as part of the celebrations with daily and weekly prizes.

Image credit: Disneyland USA

Paint the Night
As the sun goes down, Disneyland lights up with all the latest technology and immersive special effects. Luminescent night time parade ‘Paint the Night’ is a river of colour and light that spills down Main Street, U.S.A. Tinker Bell leads the unforgettable procession of more than 1.5 million brilliant LEDs as Mickey Mouse uses his imagination to harness the power of Tink’s pixie dust to ‘Paint the Night’.

Visitors will delight as Lightning McQueen races in with his buddy Mack the Super-Liner and little girls will swoon as Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen’ glide in on a shimmering palace of ice and snow. Cinderella, Rapunzel and other favourites from ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Toy Story’ and more also join in the festivities to help create a breathtaking grand finale.

Image credit: Disneyland USA

World of Color – Celebrate!
At Disney California Adventure, award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse himself – with the assistance of some amazing special effects – are taking guests on an inspirational journey. The life of Walt Disney is remembered as they host the epic ‘World of Color – Celebrate!’. The night-time spectacular uses animated imagery, live-action film, lasers, revolutionary lighting that infuses nearly 1200 fountains with colour, and a stirring musical score, all on a magical water canvas. The imaginative display is leaving visitors in awe while reminding them that really, anything is possible.

Hot tip
Travelling with younger kids? Disneyland’s ‘rider switch’ or ‘parent pass’ is a system used for height-restricted attractions that gives everyone a chance to enjoy their favourite rides. It allows guests looking after children to ‘switch’ with the other parent without requiring them to wait in the line a second time. Ingenious!

Image credit: Disneyland USA - Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse

Disneyland Forever Fireworks
Mickey Mouse does fireworks like no other, but the new Disneyland Forever Fireworks production is a street-to-sky immersive experience like nothing seen before at the resort. Thanks to some surprising special effects, guests are literally surrounded by timeless Disney and Disney Pixar tales as projections transform familiar park icons into stunning story scenes. One minute you’re standing on Main Street, U.S.A., and the next dancing with King Louie from ‘The Jungle Book’, traveling under the sea with the Little Mermaid, swimming with Nemo to the peak of Mount Wannahockaloogie, flying over London with Peter Pan, or shivering as an icy Queen Elsa covers Disneyland in a dazzling blanket of snow. The show is so incandescent in its beauty that guests are being moved to tears and even the most hardened cynic will find it difficult to watch without a lump in the throat!

Diamond Mad T Party
If you’ve got plenty of party left in you after that incredible extravaganza of entertainment, drop in on a dazzling night-time dance party inspired by Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and hosted by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Fall down the rabbit hole into a fantastical and shimmering wonderland of pulsating neon lights, interactive fun, delectable delights and live entertainment at the Diamond Mad T Party. No ordinary tea party, the main stage explodes in a swirling spectacle of colour, chaos and sound as The Mad Hatter assembles the most amazing band this side of Wonderland. They’ll play rocking classics and Disney hits with a twist until the White Rabbit DJ takes over with the hottest dance tunes in town.

Image credit: Disneyland USA

Image credit: Disneyland USA

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