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Escape with ET - Nibbles in Noosa


Noosa is a great place for families keen to get away from it all and explore the great outdoors, with loads to keep every member of the family entertained. For adventurers, Noosa is the gateway to a multitude of aquatic activities - surfing, swimming, fishing, kayaking and kite surfing, to name a few. Guided fishing, jet ski tours, scuba diving, horse riding and camel excursions also offer adventure with a difference.

Accommodation options are diverse. Mobile travellers who are keen to explore but don't want to be tied down to any one spot have the opportunity to pack a tent and camping gear, hire a four-by-four and explore Noosa's north shore.

A trip along the beach, camping among the dunes was one of my fondest teenage memories. These days designated camping areas have been set aside, so better services are available for travellers keen to camp in the National Park. Camping permits can be picked up prior to departure.

Beach driving
Protecting the natural sand vegetation is paramount if we hope to be able to access this amazing area in the future. The coloured sands are just one of the magnificent sights to see as you drive along the beach. Sometimes the gentle waves crashing on the shore send soft white foam racing up the beach washing under your vehicle as you cruise along.

There will be many new experiences along the way especially if this is the first time you’ve driven on the sand. These days the web is full of informative articles to help fill you in on the basics before you set off on your adventure. Ask plenty of questions at local points of call like service stations and corner stores just to be safe.

And talking of safety, make sure you cover all bases when heading to a new destination. What should be a terrific experience could turn out to be a horror trip if all precautions are not taken into account. More than one 4x4 has been stuck in soft sand and washed away on the next high tide. But don’t let that thought scare you away.

The option to pull up on any stretch of sand and dive into the sea is one of the best feelings of freedom you can experience. Grab your rod and reel and either catch your own beach worms (loads of fun) or pull some bait from your cooler and your whole family will discover a new way to relax.

While the beach is your highway to explore, general road rules apply, so speed limits must be adhered to, with police happy to book unwilling drivers.

Beach fishing
For family beach fishing, it's best to take at least three spin outfits. Generally off the beach, 10-12 foot rods are used. It gives the angler the chance to cast long distances and keep the main line away from the more savage shore break.

Twelve-pound line is perfect and the rigs can be kept simple with sinkers attached to the end of the main line and a couple of short droppers run up higher. A paternoster rig is ideal for this type of fishing if the waves are big. If the seas are slight, a ball sinker set just above a 2 /0 hook can be used. The main thing is to have just enough weight to keep the bait in the strike zone for as long as possible. Fish love a moving bait, so with just the right amount of lead your rig should wash around in the gutter enticing a bite.

The best fishing is done within gutters that act as a path between the sandbanks for fish to travel in. Just like surfers, fishermen look for sand banks that stand the waves up over deeper water before they crash on the shore. It's those deeper channels that act as a fish highway. The best ones funnel water in and out from both ends and are located a gentle cast from the shore. Generally the deeper water is a darker colour and that's where you need to fish.

The best baits are the local food items that can be found on the beach like worms and pippies. Other baits that can work are pilchards, prawns and squid. Pilchards are a great all-round bait that can be cut up or used whole on ganged hooks. The fish species available off the beach are bream, whiting, flathead, tailor, tarwhine, trevally and jewfish. All are good eating and there is nothing like fresh fish on the barbecue to quell your appetite.

Tourism Noosa, QLD

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