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Image credit: Torah Bright in Thredbo

Hot tips for staying warm

Want to ensure kids enjoy the snow? The number one rule is: keep warm.

1. Layer Up
One thick jumper is less effective and less practical than a number of fine wool or thermal ones.

2. Mighty Mittens
Put small kidsí mittens on elastic through jackets. Lost gloves means cold hands.

3. Lids on kids
Helmets are about safety first but with a large percentage of heat lost through our heads they help keep kids surprisingly warm too. Add a fine balaclava underneath on cold days.

4. Borrow, don't buy
Borrowing from friends is a good idea; ski gear is expensive and kids grow fast. But make sure older gear still meets waterproof and thermal standards.

5. Cocoa power
Donít underestimate the power of a hot chocolate stop. Go inside before chills set in.

6. NEVER buy cheap ski socks
Warm feet are vital.

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