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Image credit: Selwyn Snowfields

Selwyn Snowfields will make you smile

For Owain Price, sharing the slopes with his family is one of life’s greatest joys. So when it came time to take his Gold Coast-based grandkids on their first ski trip, he knew just the place…

Life is cruel. Just when you finally survive long enough to gather some wisdom you realise no one is paying attention if you try to impart it, in general and still less within the family. What’s a lifetime’s experience got when stacked up against Google? So stop feeling sorry for yourself and apply some wisdom! We’ve all heard the old adage, “The family that skis together stays together”. Well, long experience has taught me how true that is, so with that in mind I hatched a plan to make the kids and the grandkids pay attention to the wise old goat in their midst – shout them all a ski holiday.

Best value, then and now
Over 30 years ago we got hooked on skiing, and tried every trick we knew to save money and make it affordable (forget house prices today, interest rates were 17 per cent!), which mostly meant heading to Mt Selwyn as then, and now, it offers by far the cheapest skiing in NSW (Mount Baw Baw is the Victorian equivalent, with the advantage of staying on snow there).
As step-dad to a young teenage boy, with all the inevitable conflicts that go with that territory, skiing was one activity so much fun it brought us together for some incredibly happy times. Selwyn Snowfields, as it’s now known, was challenging to our learner talents, and staying in rustic Adaminaby a great getaway.
Flash forward several decades and our now 40-year-old has a family of four who, because they live on the Gold Coast, have never seen snow. So instead of us making the trek up there we flew them down and rented a house in Adaminaby for a few days. Their other grandad lobbed on, which was fortunate as I had forgotten how much stuff you need to lug taking kids skiing.

Image credit: Selwyn Snowfields

Cool tip
There are some pretty good deals out there. For Selwyn check Snowy Mountains Holidays or for Victorian families skiing on a budget

Image credit: Selwyn Snowfields

Sight of snow
As last year’s warm autumn stayed on with no snow in early winter we were all getting worried, but the first night of our stay it started snowing heavily. The kids woke to a white paradise, barrelling out the door to build a snowman, throw snowballs and do all that stuff that seeing snow for the first time makes you want to do.
It snowed most of the day, so by next morning Selwyn was up and running for the season – with just grass to cover, not rocks, they don’t need a lot of snow to be 100 per cent open.
The kids were so excited, with plenty of snow on the scenic drive up. I was actually getting nervous, having not bothered to get chains. Oops. Lucky Grandad 2 had a SUV, so I waved him past and kept going in the tracks and we made it OK.
Selwyn’s car park is on top of the hill, and from there it’s simple and efficient to get the kids decked out with hire gear. Like most Aussie kids, they took to skiing in no time, with help from the friendly young instructors.
While they were off in the lesson my stepson and I were instantly back 30 years ago, racing, competing, falling over and just having fun, the biggest kids on the mountain if the truth be known. By the afternoon the kids were up and running on their own and we skied around with them too. I asked our 10-year-old grandson what he thought of it.
“That was the best day in my entire life, ever!”
Next day the snow turned to sleet, then rain as we arrived at the carpark, and the adults were losing a bit of enthusiasm. But not the kids, and if you’ve travelled all the way from Queensland to do this skiing thing well of course, you want to keep going. They sure did, after all conditions are what they are, and they still had plenty of fun.
As I write this winter is rolling round again, and every time we get on Skype no prizes for guessing what the request is from the Queensland grandkids. Yep, can we go skiing again, that was so much fun, please... Well, hopefully, our darlings, yes.

Selwyn Snowfields

Report Card


Getting there
Selwyn is an easy 5.5-hour drive from Sydney and 2.5 hours from Canberra. Adaminaby is the closest town.

Mountain lowdown


Beginner 40%, Intermediate 48%, Advanced 12%


Snow World caters for kids from 18 months to seven years, with Mini Mites offering snow activities for kids from 18 months to four years, Mighty Mites is a fun ski programme for kids three to four years, and Mega Mites is for kids aged five to seven years.


For kids over 18 months



Terrain parks


Opening date

Saturday 6 June 2015

Image credit: Selwyn Snowfields

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