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Image credit: Jarrod Wouters from Transition Snowboarding

Top 5 tips for aspiring snowboarders

Just 12 years old and already ruling the slopes. Our Kids’ Ambassador, Zahra Kell, knows just what it takes to work your way to the top.

Get schooled
Always start with a lesson! It will be so much easier for you.

Fall over
Once is not enough! You will spend heaps of time on your bottom the first couple of times, but it feels so good when you learn to link turns so it will be worth the work.

Make it a party
Shred with friends! The best days I’ve had on the hill are always when I’m shredding with good friends.

Be inspired
When it gets tough, always remember how good a rider you aspire to be. Then get back up and KEEP SHREDDING!

Listen to your coach
Well, I ran out so I asked my dad… He said, “If you don’t succeed when doing something new, try doing it the way your coach told you the first time.” (Obviously he’s a coach!)

Image credit: Jarrod Wouters

Image credit: Jarrod Wouters

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