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The best products for flying with babies

We review the best products for flying with babies that will bring little more serenity to your next long-haul flight.

Dark and dreamy

CoziGo RRP $99.95

Being on a plane is all about seceding control. Times for sleeping and eating are dictated by the crew, and day and night can get a bit scrambled. Itís impossible to explain this to a baby, so the better option is to invest in a CoziGo. This fold-up cover fits over the inflight bassinet and blocks out 97 per cent of light. Regardless of whatís going on in the cabin, your baby will (hopefully) sleep through it all in their fully ventilated black-out bubble. Its multi-purpose design means it works as a sleep cover for your pram when youíre back on the ground. It even folds up into a small carry bag for convenience, too.

Our verdict We wish there was an adult version.


Flat pack

Plane Pal RRP $69.95

Travelling with a toddler is enough to inspire a solid drinking habit. After youíve walked up and down the aisle for the 50th time, the one reprieve you will get is when your child has a nap. Say hello to the Plane Pal, an inflatable foot rest that fits into the gap between your childís seat and the seat in front, enabling your child to lay flat, meaning they are more likely to crash out. Plane Pal has been approved for use on more than 40 airlines, from Air Vanuatu to Virgin Australia.

Our verdict The Plane Pal can be used for adults to raise their legs, as well as children, so you might even get a momentís rest, too.

Plane Pal

Safe and supported

Sky Baby Travel Mattress RRP $59 from Amazon Australia

Stop and think about the reality of a long-haul flight with a baby on your lap. When your baby sleeps, itís tricky to move without waking them, especially if you need to get up to go to the bathroom. Thatís why the Sky Baby Travel Mattress is a godsend. This roll-up mattress provides back support for the bub and the cosy side flaps keep them in position. Your baby will sleep more soundly, you can hold them more comfortably and itís a lot easier to move them without disturbing them.

Our verdict Nobody on the plane wants your baby to wake up, including you. Earn brownie points with a Sky Baby Travel Mattress.

Sky Baby Travel Mattress

Luggage love

Luggage love Plane Pal Packing Pals RRP $29.95

Thereís nothing worse than the ever-evolving chaos that greets you every time you open your suitcase on holidays. Enter Plane Pal Packing Pals. These practical cubes make it easier to pack lighter, smarter and coordinate and separate each member of the familyís gear. Packing pals have been designed in a variety of colours using strong, lightweight material with a mesh top and bottom so you can see whatís inside, and a 100 per cent waterproof variety safeguards your valuables from pesky, unexpected leaks. Each pack contains three different sized Packing Pals.

Our verdict A great way to get the kids involved in preparing for their next holiday.

Luggage love Plane Pal Packing Pals

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