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Holidays with Kids Activity and Puzzle Book

Are you looking for some puzzles or brain teasers for the kids? Click on the links below to download and print puzzles and games pages. These are handy to take along with you on a family holiday.  Answers are also available here.

Out of this world

Out of this world

Each row of this puzzle contains the name of a planet - one letter per circle. The circles connected by lines indicate the same letter is used. Work your way down the list of planets - and also away from the sun. When you've finished, unscramble the coloured circles to reveal the secret word.

Check this puzzle's solution here


Round the world scramble

Round the world scramble

You've got an airline ticket to go around the world, but the destination cities and countries have been mixed up! Match up the city to its correct country so you don't miss your flights!

Check this puzzle's solution here



Find-a-Word sponsored by all-Fect

Find the list of words in the crazy scramble of letters.

Check this puzzle's solution here


Unscramble and Sudoku

Unscramble the State Capitals and Sudoku

Test your verbal and logic skills in these two great puzzles. Unscramble each of the state capital words and have a go at the latest craze of Sudoku!

Check the answers for this puzzle page here


Skeleton Crossword

Skeleton Crossword

Challenge your brain with this twist on the traditional crossword. No clues to help you - only the length of each word will help you find the solution!

Check the solution to this puzzle here


Match the Flags

Match the flag to its correct country

Looking for some round-the-world fun? Try matching up the country with its correct flag.

Need help? Get the solution to this puzzle here


Metro Transport puzzle

Find-a-World sponsored by Metro Transport

Find the list of words related to the Sydney Monorail, including all the fun attractions to see.

Check this puzzle's solution here


National Parks dir

Cross-Out Find-a-Word

After you've eliminated each word on the list, the remaining letters will spell the six secret words that have to do with Lane Cove River Tourist Park.

Need help? Find the solution here


Colour In dir

Colour-In Fun with National Parks

Download and print this cute colour-in page and learn about bandicoots! Sponsored by National Parks and Wildlife Services. 

Silly Jokes

Funny jokes from around the world

Tickle your funny bone with these silly jokes about places all around the globe. 

Hubba Bubba

Colour-In fun with Hubba Bubba

Download and print this page to colour-in the road safety page, sponsored by Hubba Bubba. 


Sven's Super Science Plan

Learn how to make a hovercraft out of a CD and balloon with this awesome science experiement from Questacon.

Mad Libs

Mad-Libs Silly Story

Fill in the blanks to create the silliest, most ridiculous story ever with this Mad-Lib fairytale.

Europe Find a Word

Europe Find-A-Word

Explore Europe without leaving home! Find each European country in the grid.

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