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Ibis Publishing Colouring-In Activities

Ibis Publishing knows how to keep your kids entertained. Here are a few pages that will keep your child occupied on those long trips and even at home. Buttonhead, Roly and Ruby Roo need your child's help to make their world brighter. Make sure lots of colour is used and Buttonhead, Roly and Ruby Roo all enjoy a place on the family fridge.


Help Buttonhead Surf and Ride a TractorWhere is Roly? Help the Little Cat Find Him - Maze

Help Roly Get Ready For His Party - Join the Dots

Surf with Buttonhead - Colouring-In

Buttonhead Rides a Tractor - Colouring In

Paint Ruby Roo's Cubby - Colouring In

Play Basketball with Ruby Roo - Join the Dots


These files need Microsoft Word to download, where you can print out the pages for the kids to enjoy!



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