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Family on Home Exchange“We had a great vacation to Ireland and Scotland and will now only go on holidays if we can home swap.  The benefit of having a home away from home is fantastic, especially with a 2 year old who gets up at 6:30am and wants to start playing with toys and have breakfast.”

So say Anthony and Antuanette H., who swapped their 3 bedroom home in the Sydney suburb of Turramurra with families in Ireland and Scotland and joined the growing group of travellers who have discovered the secret of home exchange – the travel option for families with children who have found how comfortable it is to stay in a home equipped for children rather than in a cramped hotel room.  They not only visit a new area, but to experience it in a way tourists can’t do...and save a bundle of money at the same time, as their accommodations are FREE! 

Whether you’d like to visit Disneyland in the US, stay in the French countryside, a London apartment, a ski cabin in Colorado, or even a weekend trip between Sydney and the Gold Coast, exchanging homes can make your travel dreams come true.

For most families, a week or two on holidays in a hotel can be quite exhausting.  Kids - and their parents - are much happier if they're not 'holed up' in a hotel room every night.  Exchanging Homes lets each member of the family have privacy and a place to unwind after a long day.  Exchange homes often have toys, books and games to keep your own children occupied and consider the convenience of not having to pack cots, strollers, playpens and carseats.  And everyone is happier having some meals at home, rather than packing out to expensive restaurant meals or fast food every day.

The children really feel part of the vacation.  They are often introduced to other children in the neighbourhood, offering the chance for new friendships, and a wonderful experience never to be had staying in a hotel.

Ski cabin in ColoradoBest of all, an exchange home costs virtually no more than staying at home, except for transportation costs.  Our easy-to-use website makes it fast and easy to search for and contact potential exchange partners and arrange a trade that is convenient to both parties.  Homes, condominiums or apartments, even cars may be exchanged.

Log on to and discover a whole new world of vacations, the best way to vacation with children, especially in those early years when it is difficult, if not impossible, to stay in hotels.  You can easily browse and contact any of our 6,000+ worldwide listings, and by listing your own home, you will get vacation offers from around the world.

US$49.95 1 Year Unlimited Membership  
US$99.95 3 Year Unlimited Membership (33% Discount)

Special Limited Offer every new member receives a copy of the “Exchanging Home Holiday” book valued at US$15.00

By following the simple guidelines in this book,  you will be able to organise an exchange home holiday where you can spend a weekend, a week, a month or as long as you wish, travelling the world.  To find out more just click onto the website.



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