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Camping with Pets

Tips from Camping Australia

Camping with PetsThe Parks and Wildlife Services throughout Australia clearly state the following in regard to visiting, or camping, with your dog, or other pets for that matter, within National Parks.

Pets in parks
“National parks and reserves are refuges for native animals.”

Dogs and other domestic pets (other than trained assistance animals such as guide dogs) must not be taken into national parks, state recreation areas, nature reserves, historic sites or Aboriginal areas, because:
• Native animals see dogs as predators. The lasting scent left by dogs can easily scare small animals and birds away from their homes, often causing them to leave their young unprotected.
• Dog faeces carry diseases, which can be harmful to wildlife and people, and also add nutrients to the soil, increasing the spread of weeds.
• If dogs and other domestic pets have frightened native animals away from popular visitor areas, there will be no wildlife for other visitors to see.
• Dogs can interfere with the enjoyment of other park visitors

However, there are certain state forests that are tolerant to the controlled access of dogs for day visits and overnight camping. Guidelines are set below for the preservation and well being of the areas with this access, for the people (and dogs) visiting today, and the people coming tomorrow. Each state or territory has its own guidelines to where you can camp with your dog so be certain to check your destination.

Camping with Dogs
The responsibilities of the owner include:
• Keeping the dog under control at all times.
• Preventing the dog from making unreasonable noise, particularly at night.
• Preventing the dog from annoying or endangering any person or wildlife.
• Removing and disposing of any faeces deposited by the dog.
• Preventing the dog from defecating in or near any fresh watercourses.

Properly restrained dogs are permitted to remain overnight only on the following specific State forest camping areas:

• Clancy’s camping area near Blackbutt
• Amamoor Creek camping area near Gympie
• Glastonbury Creek camping area near Gympie
• Wongi camping area near Maryborough
• Kalpower camping area near Monto
• Red Rock camping area near Byfield

New South Wales
In New South Wales, providing you follow the above guidelines, you can camp in any state forest overnight.

Australian Capital Territory
In the Australian Capital Territory, providing you follow the above guide lines, you can camp in any state forest overnight.

Victoria has released a list or parks that allow dogs; however it is still recommended that you contact the State Forestry office in the region you wish to attend.
• Lerderderg State Park (except Mackenzies Creek Picnic area or Grahams Dam Track)
• Upper Yarra Reservoir Park (not the forested track)
• Cape Conran Conservation Park (only campsites 56-110)
• Lake Eildon National Park (Jersusalem Creek camping only)
• Otway National Park (part of Johanna Beach only)
• Mt Arapiles-Tooan State Park (only in Centenary Park)
• Murray Kulkyne Park
• Kooyoora State Park
• Lake Albacutya Regional Park
• Dergholm State Park (at Bailey’s Rocks)
• Enfield State Park
• Gippsland Lakes Conservation Park - (Paradise Beach camping area and campsites 1-6 along Shoreline Drive at Golden Beach only)

South Australia
It’s unclear as to whether you can also camp at these locations; check with the park authorities. You can however take you dog to the following parks and reserves
• Belair National Park
• Anstey Hill Recreation Park
• Brownhill Creek Recreation Park
• Cobbier Creek Recreation Park
• Greenhill Recreation Park
• Innaminka Regional Reserve (outside the Coongie Conservation Reserve)
• Mark Oliphant Conservation Reserve (Loftia recreation area only)
• Morialta Conservation Park
• O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park
• Onkaparinga River Recreation Park (downstream of Old Noarlunga only)
• Parra Wirra Recreation Park
• Sheperds Hill Recreational Park
• Sturl Gorge Recreation Park
• Totness Recreation Park

Western Australia
Information unavailable at this time.

Northern Territory
Due to the wide range of environments in the Northern Territory it’s recommended that you contact the Parks office in the region you wish to visit. Some 23 locations suitable for taking your dog into have been named, although it is unclear as to whether you can camp at these locations

In Tasmania, providing you follow the above guidelines, you can camp in any state forest overnight.



For more information about camping, visit the Camping Australia website at

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