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Single Parent Travel

For some time now single parents have been asking us about holiday destinations, resorts and activities that are particularly suited to their circumstances. While many travel agents and hotels often assume that single parents have the same requirements as traditional families, this isn’t so. In fact, there are two main problems potentially facing single parents: money and time.

For single parents on a limited budget, single supplements on holiday packages and hotels rooms can be a burden, and additional childcare adds to the expense. With this in mind, we’ve sought out some cheaper options and made suggestions that will enable you to enjoy a reasonably-priced holiday. But we’re also aware that many single parents these days are skilled professionals who come from affluent households and want quality resorts and facilities for which they’re willing to pay. We reflect this new reality in our wide range of accommodation and holiday suggestions.

How do you get to enjoy the holiday too?
How can you enjoy your kids’ company and still have free time to relax without them?
Here on the website, we show you not only how to have the best holiday with your kids, but how to get away from them, since time alone is another major issue facing single parents. When you’re on holiday you have no partner, family member or trusted baby-sitter to fall back on, and that can sometimes make a trip exhausting. Too often we hear of single parents returning home feeling they haven’t had a holiday at all.  We’ve included tips on how to make the most of your getaway by seeking out resorts, cruises, camping adventures and destinations that provide excellent childcare and entertainment for children, ensuring plenty of adult time to pursue your own interests.

Travelling as a single parent doesn’t have to be a chore. While it may seem the whole world is geared towards couples or traditional families, some travel agencies, accommodation providers and cruise companies are beginning to wake up to the realities of modern society and are offering facilities and packages especially aimed at the particular needs of single parents. With this in mind, our new Single Parent section will bring you ongoing advice and suggestions that will enable you to make the most of a holiday for both you and your children. Enjoy!


Single Parent Getaway

Holidays with Kids' Single Parent Getaway - Read all about it!

What is a single parent to do - Suffer another stressful ‘holiday’ or just throw away the dream of that perfect getaway? Holidays with Kids gave single parents another option by planning a Single Parent Getaway. Read all about the exciting holiday here!

Single parent Travel

Successful Single Parenting

Whether out of necessity or by choice, sole parenting can be a tough road, but the rewards are worth it. We talk to two single parents making a success of their situations.

General Advice

General Advice: Before you go

Careful thought about your needs and those of your kids, as well as about destinations, accommodation and services, will pay off in spades once your holiday starts. Don’t stint on time spent planning before you start making bookings.  

Cardrona Alpine Resort - Destinations


We’re starting to hunt the planet for the destinations we reckon might be the most friendly for single parent families. Our criteria? Small, relatively self-contained places with safe and varied activities for children.  

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

Our website has plenty of reviews of family-friendly accommodations, so we’ve only listed here (in alphabetical order) those that offer specific deals or facilities that would particularly benefit single parent families. We’ll be adding more as they come to light, so don’t forget to return for updates and to advise us of the ones you have found!  



Single parents should seriously consider going on a cruise. They can sometimes seem a little expensive and the single supplement generally takes full effect, but you might save money in the long run given that meals, incidentals, activities and kids’ clubs are all included in the upfront price.  

Camping and Lodges

Camping and Lodges

There are many benefits of a camping trip for single parents. Campsites are usually relatively self-contained and, once you’ve set up, there’s no more need for endless packing and un packing. There are usually plenty of other playmates around. Children are often very happy with outdoor activities, and can easily amuse themselves for hours on end. In the meantime, you can relax or meet other parents.  

Specialist Tour Operators - Australia

Specialist Tour Operators: Australia

Book your holiday with one of these specialist tour operators listed on this page. These operators specialise in holiday packages in Australia for single people of all ages.

Specialist Tour Operators - International

Specialist Tour Operators: International

You have no reason in the Internet age to confine yourself to local shores when booking a holiday package. America and especially the UK have a wealth of single-parent operators that specialise in holiday packages and accommodations not just in those countries but around the world.  

Support Groups

Support Groups

Here we list a number of associations and groups, both in Australia and overseas that offer guidance, information and support to single parent families.  


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