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Lochie Daddo loves to ski so much that he and his family go to the Australian snow whenever they can during the winter season. He is also an ambassador for Snow Victoria. Here, he shares his recipe for a perfect ski holiday .


Get your car checked out before you go. You want your holiday to get off to the best possible start, so make the drive part of the adventure.

Pack warmer than you think you’ll need. Take lots of layers. It’s far easier to cool off by losing layers than warming up if you don’t have enough.



Rent your snow gear – no need to buy  everything for a first trip to the snow. There are lots of places to do this in nearby towns or at any of the resorts.

One thing we have over our close neighbours is the option of staying on the slopes. There are plenty of accommodation choices available, both on the snow and in towns nearby. Work out what is important to you.



Give your kids (and yourself) a rest in the middle of the day as they get tired.

Take a lesson – it’s the best way to make the most of your time.



Don’t go too hard too fast; there are loads of other activities to do in the snow, especially snow play for the little ones.

Don’t forget your sunblock! The reflection off the snow and clear mountain air means the UV is twice as strong. Also, pack a good pair of goggles and gloves.



Helmets, helmets, helmets! Everyone is wearing them; the added security and safety – not to mention warmth – makes them invaluable.

My personal favourite; never say “let’s have one last run”. When the afternoon is coming to an end and you’ve had a great run down the mountain, it’s time to call it a day. Most accidents seem to happen on that ‘last run’. .


Snow Victoria is the industry representative of all things ‘snow’ in Victoria.


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