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Ski & Board Surrey

"Huge range of new and pre-loved snow gear and equipment"

Ski & Board Surrey is a family owned and operated business, an all year snow store that only 'does' snow. With 29 years of experience, starting off as Ski Recycle and then Ski & Board Recycle, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to ski gear. As well as a recent image upgrade to better suit their product range, they are still selling recycled gear and will recycle your pre-loved gear for you as always.

To provide you with a product range and service that is ‘over and above’ anything you might experience at any other store. They pride themselves on their large range of stock and services designed to suit your every need, as well as your budget, whether you are a first time snow goer, or a passionate, seasoned professional.

To offer you the best customer service possible to help you make the best decision for you because they want you to keep coming back year after year like so many of their loyal customers. If you have loved the snow for a long time, or are just new to the sport, they are definitely your first port of call. They can offer you the information and the honesty you need to enjoy your snow holiday. It’s all about YOU!

To provide their long distance and time-pressed customers with better choice and an easier shopping experience, they have put some of their most popular stock online. Pretty much all of their stock in shop is in the online shop too! And now, in 2013, there is recycled gear online! Check out the website here

"We’ve got a huge range of new and pre-loved snow gear and equipment! Our customers love our massive range, our prices and our honest advice. There is no other snow shop like ours! We aim to offer you everything 'above and beyond’ what you might expect at any other store."

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The Buyback Program
All skiers, both adults and children, require correctly fitted boots and appropriate length skis to maximise development and ensure safety on the slopes. This can be quite expensive if your children are growing out of their equipment every year! The team at Ski & Board Surrey wants to see your kids safe and getting the most out of their time on the snow, whilst taking some pressure off your wallet. This is why they have a Kids Equipment Buyback Program. This program gives you a guaranteed amount of cash back in your pocket when you bring your kids’ gear back within 12 months of purchase. This cash can then be used to purchase something else, or put straight back into your pocket, whichever you desire!

The buyback program is for your kids’ ski boots and skis. Ski & Board Surrey have a large range of kids’ boots to choose from (about 9 models across 3 brands) so you can be assured that your child is wearing the most appropriate ski boot on their feet regardless of their ability or age. The buckets that your kids might hire or borrow from elsewhere just don't even compare!



Further Information

Ski & Board Surrey
449 Canterbury Rd
Surrey Hills VIC 3127

Phone: +61 3 9830 1044



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