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Featherdale Wildlife Park

World’s largest collection of Australian animals

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Major Tourist Attraction

There's always something happening at Featherdale:


For an unusual wildlife encounter, visit Sydney’s ultimate interactive wildlife experience, Featherdale Wildlife Park; home to five species of albino animals.

A rare occurrence in the wild, true albinism in animals occurs when there is a lack of melanin in the body and eyes.

You can meet each of Featherdale’s 5 albino species including Peacocks, Tammar Wallabies, Wallaroos, Kookaburras and Blue Tongue Lizards. Featherdale is also home to over 30 species of endangered animals including Ghost Bats and Bilbies.

Featherdale Wildlife Park is open everyday these Christmas Holidays except for Christmas Day.


Featherdale Wildlife Park's popular crocodile feeding presentations are back for the Summer months and Ngukhur (Noo-kah), Featherdale's resident Saltwater Crocodile is feeling mighty hungry after his Winter fast.

During the colder months, crocodiles are able to slow down their metabolism and therefore be able to survive the cooler months without eating any food. Ngukhur hasn’t been fed since early May this year. He has spent the winter lazing about in his pool, which has been kept to a comfortable warm temperature for him.

Ngukhur is a feisty 4 1/2 metre Saltwater or Estuarine Crocodile which has lived at Featherdale for over 15 years. He began his life as a troublesome rogue, thieving livestock in the Northern Territory. He was sent to a crocodile farm where he proceeded to terrorise every female crocodile that was placed with him. Looking at a lonely future, Ngukhur was finally placed with the Featherdale Team, where he has been a popular attraction ever since.

Amazing Crocodile Facts
• Like dinosaurs, crocodiles have stones in their stomachs, which grind up their food.
• Crocodiles have remained unchanged for over 200 million years.
• Crocodiles can hold their breath under water for up to 1hr.
• The Saltwater Crocodile is the largest living reptile.
• Despite its name, the Saltwater Crocodile is also commonly found in freshwater habitats.
• Saltwater crocodiles have 66 sharp teeth that are replaceable throughout their lifetime.
• A crocodile’s skull is distinguishable from an alligator’s because a crocodile’s lower canine teeth are still visible when its mouth is closed.

Featherdale Wildlife Park's 'Croc Encounter' is held daily at 10.15am. For further information, please contact 02 9622 1644.

During your visit to Featherdale, don't forget to check out our range of Wildllife Keeper Presenation and feeding times. Click here for more info and feeding times.

Featherdale boasts the world’s premier collection of Australian wildlife allowing visitors to get up close to 2300 animals from over 320 species. You can cuddle up to a koala and hand feed kangaroos for free all day. Located at Doonside, en route to the famous Blue Mountains, Featherdale is developing into one of the region's leading attractions.

From the initial greeting by the swaggie and joey at the entrance to the park, visitors are encouraged to get up close to Australia's native wildlife. As well as numerous koalas and kangaroos, features include face-to-face encounters with all kinds of wildlife including wallabies, emus, an amazingly diverse range of birds and now over 30 species of reptile in the Reptilian Pavilion.

And you’ll also get the chance to encounter some more unexpected highlights such as bettongs, fairy penguins, jabiru, bustards, a 4 1/2 metre saltwater crocodile and over 30 species of endangered or vulnerable animals.

Featherdale is not only a great recreational resource but a great educational one also. Many Australian and International schools and colleges take advantage of the lessons provided by our dedicated Education Co-ordinator.

Featherdale is also a great attraction for all ages – the Park is level throughout and so is very convenient for wheelchairs and prams. It remains a leader in the field of tourist attraction management. In 2005, Featherdale won 'Major Tourist Attraction' NSW and was a finalist in the 'Major Tourist Attraction' category at the National Tourism Awards. In 2003, Featherdale became an inaugural inductee into the NSW Tourism Hall of Fame.

Girl and Koala

Nearest city: Blacktown – 2km 

Nearest airport: Sydney – 40km

Nearest train: Blacktown – 2km. Take bus 725 from the train station.

DIRECTIONS: Via the M4 - Drive along the M4 Motorway, turn off onto Reservoir Road, travel 4 km then turn left at Kildare Road.

Via the M4 & M7 - Take the Wallgrove Road exit and follow the brown tourist signs straight to the park.

Via the M2 - The M2 becomes the M7. Take the Richmond Road exit and then turn left onto Richmond Road and travel towards Blacktown.  Turn right onto Lyton Street then right onto Kildare Road and follow along until you reach the Park.

Family facilities
Baby Changing Facilities
Stroller friendly
Disabled Facilities

BBQ facilities
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Gift Shop

Picnic area
Picnic area in the grounds


Crocodile looking at you




217 Kildare Rd, Doonside (nr. Blacktown), NSW 2767
 02 9622 1644


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