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Car Hire & Transfers


Con-X-ion Transfers

Con-X-ion has been a trusted and name in Australian transportation for over 30 years, specialising in airport and cruise transfers, theme park and attraction transfers, day tours and charter services.

DriveAway Holidays

DriveAway Holidays

Whether it's worldwide car hire, motorhome or campervan rentals, European leasing or even motorcycles throughout the USA or Australia, DriveAway Holidays have a huge selection for you to choose from and can cater to all your holiday needs.

Travel Tools

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This government site provides global news, trade and travel advice for Australians

Australian and International Weather Forecast

Want to know what the weather is going to be like at your holiday destination? Why not check out the Australian forecast by clicking here, and international weather here.

Australian Customs

Australian Customs

Are you sure you are not endangering Australia with a harmless looking souvenir?  Check what you can and can't bring back into Australia  

Consulate in Australia

Consulates in Australia

Need a Visa for your overseas holiday destination? Find the appropriate consulate here                              

Global Tourism Offices

Global Tourism Offices

Handy website addresses to help you plan your holiday with kids in Australia and overseas!

Passports and Visas

Passports and Visas

Are you ready to make that first family trip overseas, but are unsure of how to go about getting passports for yourself or your children?

Seat Guru

Travelling with a baby or active younger children?  This fantastic site has online seat maps for most major  airlines.  Whatever your travel priorities may be, will help you find the seat that best suits your needs 

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Even the most experienced travellers need good travel advice. This government site contains handy tips for overseas travel, advice on issues commonly affecting Australians overseas and the latest travel advice.                                                     

Travel Tips

Top tips to make your overseas family holiday a safe one

Here are a few simple tips to help you and your family stay safe on your next holiday.

How to protect yourself from Credit Card Fraud

25.3% of Australians have experienced credit card fraud, according to a new survey of over 1,000 Australian consumers carried out by 91.8% of those who experienced fraud said they knew how to handle the situation, but how can consumers prevent fraud from occurring in the first place?

Holiday home rentals

Find advice on where to find and book great rental homes from all over Australia.


Holidays with Pets

From the top places to really pamper and look after your pets to pet-friendly resorts and campsites, look no further for the best advice from our readers!


Camping with Pets

The Parks and Wildlife Services throughout Australia clearly state the following in regard to visiting, or camping, with your dog, or other pets for that matter, within National Parks.

Childcare for all ages

You, the reader, asked for it, so here it is – finally a list of resorts that not only welcome the whole family, but can take care of the little ones as well.

Star Ratings

Do you understand what star ratings mean?

Most hotels/motels in Australia are rated by Star Ratings Australia's system. Many people use this information to select their accommodation without fully knowing what they mean. Visit to see how these are awarded and what you can expect from each star rating.

FREE Travel Brochures lets you browse the holiday brochures you prefer in the comfort of your home – and then have them delivered to your door, absolutely FREE  

How to save for your next holiday

How to save extra funds for your next holiday

Dreaming of that perfect holiday but can't find the cash? That getaway is not as far away as it may seem if you get your finances in order and budget appropriately.

Portable DVD player

Kids in cars

Driving long distances with kids in the car can be a nerve-splintering experience. It can also be dangerous as accidents can happen when you’re distracted by the screams and cries of children fighting in the back seat. But don’t despair, there are ways of keeping kids amused 

Malaysian Shopping Tips - KLCC

Malaysia shopping tips

Here are a few shopping tips that Tourism Malaysia has put together to make your Malaysian shopping experience even more enjoyable 

Shopping tips

Michelle's Kuala Lumpur shopping tips

Kuala Lumpur is a great place to shop. Read all about the location and opening times for the best places. Tried, tested and recommended by our editor, Cathy Wagstaff  

Langkawi Shopping tips

Michelle's Langkawi shopping tips

Langkawi is another great place to visit. Read all about the great places to stay and eat  

Park, Bark & Purr at Sydney Airport

Park, Bark & Purr, Sydney Airport

Park, Bark & Purr, Sydney Airport is Australia's first on-airport pet boarding facility. It offers state-of-the-art boarding accommodation for cats and dogs. Located near Sydney Airport's Long Term Car Park they offer the ultimate in convenience. Simply drop your pet off, park your car and then catch your flight. While you're away your pet will play!

Thredbo Snow Sports

Planning your holiday

Holidays are a vital part of life: not only for a change of scenery and the chance to do something different, but also for the opportunity to recharge your batteries and spend quality time with your family 

Reader's Tarvel Tips

Readers' travel tips

Helping to avoid hearing those four, dreaded words, “Are we there yet?”,  here are a few suggestions from your fellow readers that may keep your little ones happy during those long trips 

What is responsible travel?

Responsible Travel

Kerry Lorimer investigates how to get the most out of your family holiday experiences while giving back to the local community.

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Smart Traveller Top Ten Tips

Ten smart tips to ensure your holiday actually is a holiday.

Tips for Travelling with children

Tips for travelling with children

For many, the best part of a holiday is the 'getting there'.  If your child is old enough, involve them in planning for the trip so they can get excited about it.  There are many ways you can reduce the stress 

Travel tips for Women

Travel Tips for Women

Information on dress codes in different countries, security suggestions, health concerns, pregnant travellers, travelling alone with children 

Travel Tips

What NOT to pack

As you pack your bags to return home (or to begin your holiday), take special care to avoid packing items that could get you in trouble at customs.

Travel Tips

Travelling with a baby

Tips for travelling with a baby with a great list of what to pack.

Travel Games and Activities

Road Games

Travel Apps for Kids

Take a look at these cool travel apps to keep the kids entertained in the back seat on those long journeys.

Geoffrey from Toys R Us

Are we nearly there yet?

Here are some suggestions to turn your journey, and your holiday, into an enjoyable family experience - and at least postpone the inevitable question! 

Road Games

Games to play in the car

Dreading a road trip with kids who are impatient to get out, pitch a tent, have a dip in the pool, or play some beach cricket? These games will help keep the kids amused in the car 




Bub Hub Baby Equipment Hire

Hire all your baby needs

Lessen the burden of your next holiday by hiring what you need for the babies and toddlers at your destination.  Bulky items (prams, cots and car seats) are all available to hire through baby equipment hire companies around Australia.  If staying at a hotel, check to see what they can supply for you.

Pack smart these school holidays

In the excitement of preparing for a road trip during the school holidays, safety can quickly be forgotten, warns motoring expert Repco. Aside from the essential mechanical roadworthy precautions before setting out on the open road, the journey can be a lot safer and more comfortable if the car is packed securely.


Health and Safety

Star Allergy Alerts

Donna Rendell is the mother of 5 year old Stella, who has life threatening food allergies. "It became apparent early on that simply telling people about Stella's allergies to nuts and eggs was not enough; I needed something for her to wear which was colourful and eye-catching". Star Allergy Alerts main aim is to promote allergy awareness in a fun, child-friendly and practical way.

Travelling with Food Allergies

Travelling with Food Allergies

One of the great pleasures of travelling is the opportunity to sample different foods. But for anyone with a food allergy or food sensitivity, sampling new foods can be an uncertain or, at worst, a dangerous proposition. 

Photo courtesy of Simon Clancy

Air Travel Companion

Air Travel Companion is a new service making qualified carers available to escort young, elderly or infirm travellers on long journeys, ensuring they travel comfortably and arrive safely. Under the service, registered nurses will accompany a traveller door-to-door, from departure to arrival and hand-over to loved ones, organising wheelchair assistance and special seating, administering medication and providing any other necessary assistance throughout the flight.

How to cope with motion illness

One of a parent’s most dreaded phrases to hear mid-way through a long car trip? “Mum, I don’t feel so good”. Worse yet: “I’m going to be sick”. The worst: regurgitation of lunch without warning. Beats “Are we there yet?” any day.

Keeping cool with St John this summer

As the weather heats up and people spend more time outdoors, St John is sending a timely reminder to keep first aid skills up-to-date. There are a number of common ailments that affect people more frequently in the summer months such as sunburn, bluebottle stings, bee stings, burns and heat exhaustion 

The Cancer Council

Have a sunsmart holiday - family advice from The Cancer Council

While enjoying your summer holiday this year, don't forget to protect the whole family from sun damage through a few easy sun protection measures  

Surf Life Saving Australia

Summer safety tips from Surf Life Saving Australia

If you're planning to be one of the 6 million people to enjoy the surf, sand and sun at one of our 274 patrolled beaches this summer, then make sure your visit is a safe one  

Child Safety in cars

Child safety in the car - babies, toddlers, children and children with special needs

Taking care to restrain your children properly while travelling in a car is the best way to prevent injuries in a crash.  There are other things you can do to make travelling with children safe and fun for everyone 

Safe motoring tips

Safe motoring tips

Child occupant safety is of crucial importance at holiday time, when motorists undertake longer drives than usual. Here are some tips for keeping young travellers safe during the drive 

Travelling safe with asthma

Travelling safe with Asthma

The following is a check list of tips for asthmatic would-be travellers by the National Asthma Council of Australia 

Breastfeeding and Travel

Breastfeeding and travel

Breast milk is naturally sterile and contains immune factors, so it is the safest drink for your baby while travelling.

Flying with Kids

Tips for first-time flyers

If your child has never flown before, then take note of these handy hints courtesy of Jetstar.                                               

Flying with Young Ones

Flying with young ones

Natalie Ward has some tried-and-true tips for less crying when flying.

Flying with Kids

Flying with Kids

Helpful suggestions courtesy of Singapore Airlines for travelling with children on aeroplanes                                                        

Prevention of jet lag

Jet lag and tips on how to deal with it

Jet lag is a subjective feeling experienced after a long flight through several time zones.  It is caused by the traveller’s body clock - their “circadian rhythm” - being out of phase with the ‘real’ time at their destination.  The following information is a guide on how to deal with jet lag 

Kids and Airline Travel

Children and airline travel

Travelling by air with children can be challenging, but planning ahead can reduce parental stress. Young children may find the confinement difficult to handle, especially during long flights, and the change of cabin pressure during take off and landing can hurt their ears. On the other hand, travelling by plane can be an exciting adventure for children.

Fear of Flying ... with kids?

You’re 35,000 feet in the air, somewhere over the Pacific. You’re tired, you’re bored, but above all, you’re terrified. And why does everyone around you look so calm?



Special Holidays

Tips for First Time Campers has launched with tons of new features to help plan great vacations including travel deals, travel tips, best family vacations and browse family vacations.

Ski Tips for Kids

Let your kids get used to the snow – and most importantly, let them have fun!  

Tips for First Time Campers

Tips for First Time Campers

Camping can be a lot of fun, but for first timers, there are some tips that could make a difference.

Falls Creek

Helpful Winter Holiday Tips at Falls Creek (For Parents)

To enhance the alpine resort's reputation as a family-friendly winter holiday destination the 'local mothers of Falls Creek' have compiled an extensive series of helpful tips (for parents). 

Club Med Europe

Lids On Kids

The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) together with the help of many others in the ski industry has developed this site to help educate parents about the benefits and limitations of helmets. Ultimately the choice of whether or not to wear a helmet is one of personal or parental choice.


Travelling with Teens

Holidays with Teenagers

Travelling with Teens

Julie Miller tells of her ups and downs of travelling with her teenage daugher Joana. 

Travelling with Teens

Alien-Nation: Travelling with teens

Teens are notoriously difficult travellers, so we offer some tips for what to do when your normally effusive, demonstrative and bubbly child turned into a grunting, withdrawn and secretive teenaged alien 


Vietnam with Teens

I expected rapturous applause when I announced a family holiday to Vietnam, but I was disappointed.

New York

New York with Teens

The bright lights of Times Square – conveniently just a few blocks from our rented apartment – remain the most dazzling memory of New York City for my teenage daughters.



Beach Bag checklist

There's nothing quite as relaxing as a beach holiday; until you realise you've left something behind. Follow this helpful checklist to ensure your beach bag is stocked with all the must-have items before you leave home.


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