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Australia's first Air Travel Companion

Helping unite Australians with their loved ones


Photo courtesy of Simon ClancyAir Travel Companion has the solution for people, especially the elderly or infirmed, who avoid travelling alone internationally as they find it frightening or just too difficult and where it is not practical for a family member or a close friend to travel with them. There is a solution!

Air Travel Companion specialises in the provision of experienced travel nurses and flight nurses to act as a travel companion to take the place of a family member. Our companions are knowledgeable about international travel and have undertaken many medical escort assignments as well as non-medical escort assignments. And equally important, they are each caring and supportive for the entire journey from start to finish during which they will attend to all the traveller’s needs. The traveller and the family can rest assured that the traveller is in safe and caring hands.

Air Travel Companion also provides a companion in relation to travel assistance to children who are travelling as un-accompanied minors. Our companions take as good a care of each child as the parent would. Often the companion is better equipped and has more patience to attend to the child’s travel needs.
Founder of Air Travel Companion is Rosaleen Gilovitz, a registered nurse with more than 15 years experience, including special training in aviation health as part of the Qantas medical team.
Rosaleen’s decision to launch the companion service is based on her experience working with insurance companies assisting repatriate sick or injured patients. She found that people wanting to relocate a sick or infirm family member frequently had no option other than purchase a return ticket, take time off work and collect the relative themselves.
According to Rosaleen, two key groups, expatriates and divorcées, will welcome Air Travel Companion.
Australia is home to a large number of expatriates, many of whom have family overseas. For occasions like Christmas or birthdays, getting elderly family members over to Australia can be a stretch. Also, with high divorce rates in Australia, separated parents who do not live in the same city as their previous partner often struggle to see their children. As Australians work longer hours, finding the time to collect and accompany children on the flight has also become harder. 
“Already these clients have found the Air Travel Companion service to be a huge comfort,” Rosaleen said.
“People often worry when an infirm family member travels alone. Common concerns centre on administering medication in changing time zones, and the lack of assistance if the traveller should happen to have a fit or develop acute symptoms. Having a qualified professional who can provide personal assistance has helped put a lot of people’s minds to rest,” she said.
“It is very rewarding to see a traveller united with their family at the destination, comfortably and safely.”
Rosaleen has devised a list of tips to make travelling easy:
Tips for elderly or infirm travellers

1. Carry your medication in your hand  luggage
2. Have sufficient medication for at  least one week, in case your baggage gets  lost
3. Drink plenty of  water
4. Dress in non restrictive clothing  to be comfortable on the flight
5. Check with your local doctor to  see if you require a support stocking or medication to avoid  DVT

Tips for unaccompanied minors

1. Arrange for the child to meet with  the travel companion prior to  departure
2. If the child is particularly  young, ensure they have their favourite book, toy or game with  them
3. Label all medication if  required
4. For long flights, take a spare  change of clothes
5. If the child is a regular  traveller, try to use the same companion each  time


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Air Travel Companion
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