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Michelle's Kuala Lumpur Shopping Tips ©

Print this out and take it with you.
Last updated July 2007.
Here are tried and tested Kuala Lumpur shopping tips for your next holiday in Malaysia.


Shopping Festivals:

Malaysia Megasale Carnival - 16th June - 2nd September 2007
Malaysia Year End Sale - 1st December 2007-1st January 2008


Shopping Spot
What to Buy
Sungei Wang Plaza

Jalan Sultan Ismail


Open 7 days, 11am-10pm


Across from Grand Plaza Parkroyal Hotel



This would be my absolute favourite shopping centre. You can find just about anything in this shopping centre and it is a good place to start when first arriving in KUL. There are about 6 levels of shopping with over 500 retail outlets. This place is always busy, particularly on the weekends.

First you'll need money and there are plenty of money changers in this shopping centre. I always take A$ with me for a better exchange rate. In June 2007 I got MYR2.7, so basically A$100 = MYR270 approx. (That’s a lot of shoes, handbags and matching watches lah!) If you are like me and run out of money about three times a day you can use the auto teller machines. I have a key card with cirrus and maestro symbol on it and it allows me to withdraw money from my savings. This makes getting money very easy – maybe too easy?? Also at the entrance near Super Noodle House Restaurant (Jalan Sultan Ismail side) there is a good money changer – it just so happens to be next door to a good handbag & shoe store- very handy!!

I have just come back from maternity leave and padded bras are now more than essential, so if you too need a wee lift then this is padded bra heaven. If you want shoes, shoes and more shoes then this is YOUR shopping centre. There are hundreds of shoe stores here, some of my favourites include: Vincci, (MY FAVOURITE!!!) Vinny, In Yeh, Nose, Carlo Rino and Bonia. Also the shoe section in Metro Jaya and Parkson Grand.

Tip One: Always wear slip on shoes when shoe shopping. It is faster and easier to fling them off in the shop when you have five boxes of shoes to try on. (You don’t want to waste time, I mean the shops are only open 11 hours a day!!) . Also don’t take the shoe boxes – they only take up precious space in your suitcase!

Tip Two: Try and match handbags to shoes – very important fashion tip. Next to the Vincci store there is a great ladies shop which stocks current fashion trends like the hippy skirts and tops. They are really cheap and come in lovely bright colours as well. They also sell lots of colourful cardigans for around A$10.00. There are two of these shops either side of Vincci shoes – the shops are called BUTIK (pronounced Boutique).

Tip Three: A colourful cardie always look nice when it is draped around one’s neck! There is a Dept Stores in this shopping centre; Parkson Grand –like David Jones – great kiddies clothes. Some of the great ladies clothing stores in this shopping centre are: G2000, Giordano, U2, SEED and British India factory outlet store.


Bukit Bintang (BB) Plaza

Adjoins Sungei Wang Same hours as Sungei Wang


The only way you'll know that you have left Sungei Wang and moved into BB Plaza is that the floor tiles change.

A great department store here is Metro Jaya. It has great shoes, accessories, ladies and kids clothing, and a home wares section.

For Christmas Freaks like myself, this department store also has a fantastic Christmas shop at Christmas time (4th floor).

Good jewellery stores here if you have some spare MYR. Also check out Tangs Department Store – great brands like STUDIO and great shoes and accessory section. OK ladies when you have a spare moment and if you enjoy a facial then go to River Beauty Salon, Lot SF055 (phone no is 2148 2413 – see Alyce). In 1.5 hours I had my eyebrows groomed, all my blackheads removed (nice hey!!) and a glorious facial with French products (Decleor Paris) for MYR100 that’s A$32.00- It was fabulous!!! Why don’t you try one?! You will love it!!! They also have a great massage offer: 2-HOUR MASSAGE for MYR100!! Really can you get any better than that!! Have one everyday after shopping!!!!! Tell them I sent you. I really loved this place – ring them and make an appointment.


Lot 10

Located across from Sungei Wang Plaza

Open Everyday 11am-10pm



This is a large green building directly opposite Sungei Wang Plaza. This shopping centre is pricier than Sungei Wang.

The Dept Store is called Isetan. Isetan have an ok shoe and handbag selection. If you have little girls who are Barbie worshippers then there is a great clothing section for them. I have a little boy so we had a look at the boys clothing but I didn’t really like them. There was much more variety for the girls. Also this department store stocks larger sizes for women and men. They also have a maternity section for us who are incubating.

FOR KEEN GOLFERS Isetan has a golf section. Matthew just bought some Nike Golf Clubs that were on sale for A$350 reduced from MYR3999, nearly A$1500!! He was very impressed with that! Some shops to visit here are British India, G2000, Espirit, Guess, Myphosis, Nose and Vincci.

There is a nice coffee shop on the ground level, Dome Coffee – which make a great wild mushroom soup (also good for people watching).

A great supermarket and eatery is located on the lower ground floor.

There are always specials in the main area of the ground floor in the shopping centre.


KL Plaza

Located next door to Lot 10, Bukit Bintang

Open Everyday


There is a Coffee Bean Store out the front. You have to visit the Factory Outlet Store. It’s a little bit like DFO in Brisbane and Sydney. Sometimes you can find some great bargains, sometimes you can’t.

Now there are no genuine fakes in this shop!!! All last season’s stock and also in larger sizes. You can get brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, French Connection, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess… the list goes on and on.

This is a particularly good place to buy the guys something, especially if you haven’t bought them anything as yet! Make sure you check their sizing before you leave and don’t do what I did and get their neck size mixed up with their waist size. Not Happy!!!

If you like branded glasses and the REAL DEAL please visit Pro Eyes Optics they have ALL the brands: Mont Blanc, Prada, Porsche, Stella McCartney, Oakley, D&G, DKNY, Gucci, Serengeti, Boss, Bally, Bulgari, Burberry, Chanel and Christian Dior to name a few.

Star Hill

Located next door to JW Marriott Hotel Bukit Bintang



Expensive Designer clothes. Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Christian Dior etc. A little bit expensive for my little budget.

Check out the feast village. 14 restaurants to choose from on the lower ground floor. They are AMAZING, especially TARBUSH, the middle eastern restaurant – just wonderful. Not Super Noodle Restaurant prices but still reasonably priced. Had a great meal at Tarbush and it came to A$30 (that was for the two of us! And I was pregnant so I ate a lot!!!). I recommend this for the great food and the great atmosphere, and you have to check out the toilets!!!



Located next to Petronas Twin Towers & Mandarin Oriental

Open Everyday 11am-10pm



I like this shopping centre because all of the above shops are located under one roof. The window-shopping in this complex is interesting, especially the jewellery stores!!! There is a mix of expensive and mediocre prices here.

Go to ZARA. This would have to be my absolute favourite ladies store. The clothes are beautiful. A mix of Country Road vs Myer. Not Sungei Wang prices but still good value compared to BNE. Other shops include TOP SHOP, Kookai and Marks and Spencer. All the department stores are here, but with more variety. This shopping centre is HUGE. Good shoe stores include Primavera and Vincci. There's a good homeware store called OMBAK (homeware level), and also very good book store (upper level). There are plenty of banks here if you run out of money. Go to the Concourse floor and check out BREADTALK – amazing little shop.


Plaza Low Yat

Jalan Bukit Bintang

I.T. Heaven!! Over 400 outlets of technological gadgety thingyabobs!! Mobile phones, digital cameras, software and computers.


Mega Mall

Mid-valley (in the suburbs). 5 minutes drive from KL city – MYR10 in a taxi

Open Everyday

I am starting to really warm to Mega Mall! For ladies fashion head to ZARA and Kookai. Also take a look at Salabianca – beautiful ladies store. Great shoes in this centre plus Baskin and Robbins! Go to 3rd floor where the eatery section is and find World of Feng Shui and a restaurant called LITTLE VIETNAM – had lunch there and it was fabulously cheap and tasty!



Times Square

Same as above
Jalan Imbi

Walking distance (around the corner) from Sungei Wang Plaza. This place is huge – it has a theme park, (with a roller coaster). I always get so overwhelmed in this shopping centre and walk out with nothing but still a mix of expensive and cheap things but worth a look!! Baskin & Robins resides here as well as the largest Borders Books store in the world!! Debenhams features at this shopping centre – some very groovy stores but be prepared for a full half day here!!!


Petaling Street

AKA Chinatown

Chinatown Markets

Open Everyday – most stalls open from 5pm onwards

BIG TIP*** Go during the day when it is not so busy. You will thank me for it!

First things first. Take it from experience!! You do not want to visit the toilets in Chinatown, particularly if squatting is not your forte and your aim is not so good!! The toilets brought tears to my eyes, even the McDonalds toilets are feral - good idea to toddle off before heading down to the markets. Also take a bottle of water with you, as it does get quite humid. Now, this place is extremely CROWDED from 5pm onwards – you CAN visit the markets during the day as there are many stalls open for business and sometimes you may get a better bargain because they don’t have as many sales during the day!!! Remember “first customer best price!!!” I go down after lunch when there are no crowds. All of the stalls, however, open about 5pm.

Petaling Street is where you get serious in your bartering techniques and nothing will come between you and that handbag you want!! Not even MYR10!! This is Genuine Fake Heaven! You can buy all brands Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, Tod’s, Fendi, Gucci, Prada and Coach. Handbags, luggage, overnight bags, wallets, MYR10 watches in all colours.

Tip four: It looks very trendy when your watch matches your shoes which matches your handbag, belts, shirts etc. I LOVE IT!!!

Whatever price they give you, barter it down to at LEAST half of their price quoted. T Shirts should not cost you more than MYR20, Jeans MYR60, CDs MYR8. If you need to stop for a cold ale – Swiss Inn is there for your convenience. Take a look at the shops behind the stalls as they sometimes have great little buys in there. If you want to try a great Chinatown restaurant go to Chinatown Food Centre (red tablecloths, plastic chairs). Try the chilli mud crab; get messy hands; LOVE IT! (I love 'people watching' so this is a great place to check everyone out). Restoran Chinatown Pavillion (yellow tablecloths) will dish up a tasty but very inexpensive meal.


Where to stay

If you are looking for a fantastic 5 star hotel just stay at WESTIN HOTEL with the heavenly beds and heavenly showers – truly a great experience. They have the BEST breakfasts!!!!

Keep In Touch

PHONE CARDS - very cheap way of ringing home – A MYR20 phone card gives you 50 minutes – you can buy from newsagents, supermarkets, or phone stores, and better still you can use it from your hotel. If you take your Aussie mobile you can actually go to a phone store a buy a DIGI sim card. It is MYR18 and you get MYR10 worth of calls and you can top it up as you please – so that you are contactable on your regular mobile phone number.

Things to Do

1. Petronas Twin Towers & KL Tower

Petronas Towers – Located next to KLCC Shopping Centre. Entry is free to go to the Skybridge that is at Level 41 of the Tower. This is where the movie Entrapment was filmed!! You do need to line up for tickets and remember to get there very early as the tickets do get allocated very quickly – the skybridge is closed on Monday. The Petronas Towers are the tallest buildings in the world.

2. KL Tower

In KUL City area –Approx MYR20.00 per person. (It looks like the Sydney Centrepoint Tower)

3. Cosmos World Theme Park

Located on Level 5 of Times Square, this it a great indoor theme park. The roller coaster ride is great fun. You can stay as long as you like for MYR25.00

4. Eye on Malaysia

7th December – 31st December 2007
A lot like the London Eye. 360 degrees of panoramic views of KL City. Duration of ride is 30 minutes. Check out the website



You HAVE TO GO HERE. You will thank me for the experience! Lot 100 LG Floor Sungei Wang Plaza. FIRST you have to see MAY WONG – she is going to give you THE BEST head, shoulder, and back massage you have EVER had for 30 mins for MYR25 - that is AUD9. This also includes shampoo, conditioner and blow dry. Can you believe it? Families queue to see this girl and it is well worth it.

Then treat yourself to the experience of YEN LIM. Her Mum owns the salon – she has really beautiful eyes! She is also in the top 5 hairdressers for L’Oreal in Malaysia. (Awarded in November 2004) She cut my hair for MYR60 and gave me a 15 minute head massage, shampoo, condition, cut and blow dry. MYR60 is less than AUD25. So well worth it – even for the head massage!! Mention my name to be sure of the prices.

Wenawave also have a Nail Salon: You can speak with Carmen Lai. Prices start from MYR30 (A$11) for a manicure, Pedicure MYR40, French Manicure MYR40 and Acrylic Nail extension MYR120 (A$44.00 approx).


Relax & Healthy Foot Reflexology

No 93a, 1st Floor Jalan Bukit Bintang.

This is in the same street as BB Plaza, about 100 metres down the road. Full Body Massage for MYR60 (A$21) for one hour and foot massage for MYR25 (A$8.80) for 30 minutes. You have to try it! If there are a few of you then it is advisable to ring ahead to ensure they have enough staff. Ring Pei Fun on 012 3066588.

Also I tried CUPPING when I was there – (you may remember the picture of Gwenneth Paltrow at a movie premiere with big round spots on her back). This was fantastic – although it was uncomfortable when it was first done. This is where for 15 mins they stick warm cups on your back and suck up your skin to improve blood circulation – I got this done on Saturday and it is now Thursday and I still look like I have had a passionate love affair with a vacuum cleaner, but I feel fantastic! It also allowed me to have the Sheraton Perdana swimming pool all to myself – you should have seen everyone get out when I went swimming with my polka dots!! Do check if it suitable for you before getting it done –I got it included in my one hour massage, the cost for both was still MYR60. Speak to Pei Fun. Good Luck!! The spots can last for a week or two so you won’t want to be wearing a strappy number while you have them.


There is a golf super store in Jalan Pinang – very close to the Westin Hotel – unfortunately Matthew and I saw it when we were on our way to the airport – he was not impressed! So let me know if it is good – he was still happy with his Nike Golf Club purchase from Isetan Dept store though.

Costume Jewellery

Visit DA VINCI – next door to L’Opera Restaurant and Piccolo Mondo Galleria on Jalan Bukit Bintang – this is costume jewellery made in Italy and it is beautiful – not Sungei Wang prices but still worth a look – there are just some really nice pieces of jewellery here!

Body Shop

Just one quick thing – BODY SHOP products are really cheap in KUL. The Body Butter that is about A$35 here in Brisbane is around MYR35 – so it pays to buy your Body Shop products in KUL.


Located under Sungei Wang Plaza and also under Lot 10 Shopping Centre, KLCC, you can get bottles of water, soft drinks, sushi, great takeaway meals and the ever addictive PRINGLES supply!!!! There is also a supermarket on the lower ground floor at KLCC. Supermarkets sell beer and wines. This is the best way to purchase wine as alcohol can be quite expensive in Malaysia.

Childrens Shoes

Try “Next-Step” at LG068, Sungei Wang Plaza for good quality children’s shoes. Margie shops here every on trip and always manages to get the latest fashions. Flashing “Incredibles” are all the rage at the moment. (Recommended by Margaret Hovey- thanks!)


1. Super Noodle House

Sungei Wang Plaza, good for lunch – quick – cheap lah

2. L’Opera Bukit Bintang

Italian Restaurant next door to Planet Hollywood – Italian, great for dinner.

3. Tarbush

Star Hill Shopping Centre, Lower Ground restaurant – Middle Eastern food

4. Chinatown Food Centre

Petaling Street Chinatown Markets (red tablecloths) – the best place for dinner!!

5. Restoran Chinatown

Pavillion Chinatown Markets (yellow tablecloths)

6. Piccolo Mondo Italian Restaurant

Located opposite Super Noodle House at Sungei Wang Plaza, (entry Jalan Sultan Ismail side) Great marinara and pizzas.

7. Restaurant Rahsia

Located at 13 Jalan Damai
tel: 2142 5555

Escape from it all and unwind at Rahsia. 2 mins from KLCC- (near Crown Princess Hotel). This restaurant has won many awards. Readers of the Malaysian Tattler magazine recommend it year after year! Housed in 60’s bungalow surrounded by lush greens, very peaceful but stylish – contemporary Asian and Nouveau international cuisine. Open noon til midnight – closed Monday. Fully Licensed. All prices are nett – no service charge and no GST. Entrees from MYR7.00, Salads from MYR8.00, Main Courses from MYR19.00. I have had several lovely evenings there – we sat outside and it was beautiful. Happy Hours Daily 1-8pm – Free cosmopolitan cocktails from 6-8pm daily!! What more could you want!

Night Clubs in KL City

All along Jalan Ramlee you will see many night clubs which all offer different atmospheres.

Transportation KL Airport into KL City – KL Airport

KLIA Express

Train that departs from ground level of the airport every 15 mins from 5am to 1am. The trip takes 28 minutes (better than the 1 hour bus or taxi). The train is an express and is very modern – you don’t have to hold any chickens or anything like that. There are baggage compartments and toilet facilities. Tickets are MYR35.00 each way per adult and you can buy tickets where the train departs. The train arrives at KL Central Station, from there you have to purchase a taxi voucher MYR13.00 (compulsory) and the taxi will take you to your city hotel. You can get the KL monorail that departs from KL Central Station to the main area of KL city (Jalan Sultan Ismail). When you are leaving KL, there are Malaysia Airlines check in facilities at KL Central Train Station, the check-in staff will check bags in, issue your boarding and lounge passes and all you need to do is get a train ticket and go to the airport – you will not see your bags until your next destination. The KL Central check-in will not allow you to check in under 2.5 hours pre departure so get there early.

You too can speak the Language!!

Lah - Every sentence ends in 'Lah' ….'Ok Lah'….'Yes Lah'….. 'Cheap Cheap Lah'… 'No can do Lah'
Welcome- Selamat Datang
Thank you - Terima Kasih


If you have any comments/recommendations at all about my shopping tips, please contact me on email  I would love to hear from you.

Yours in shopping,



What our readers have to say about Michelle's Kuala Lumpur Shopping tips:

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful information on "Michelle's shopping tips for Kuala Lumpur". As advised we took a copy of her handy hints. Her information was invaluable and spot on. I used her recommendation to buy sunglasses, DVDs, CDs, pewter and heaps of other things. We also were thankful for the hint regarding Chinatown and the indoor theme park at Times Square. We came across a children's indoor science muesum in KLCC Tower shopping centre which was excellent. I know I would not have had such an easy or planned adventure if it was not for these hints. Thank you once again.
The Sheppo's, VIC



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