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Road games

Keeping kids amused in the car


"And what'll you buy?"

This alphabet game is especially fun with a large group. Those with good memories will find it as easy as A-B-C!

What you’ll need

* Two or more players

How to play

1 To start, the first player says, "I’m going shopping." The other players respond, "And what'll you buy?"
The first player answers back, "I'm going shopping, and I'll buy an apple" (or anything else that begins with the letter “A”).

2 Then the second player says, "I’m going shopping." The others ask, "And what'll you buy?"
The second player must repeat the “A” word, and then think of a “B” word. For example, the player might say: "I'm going shopping, and I'll buy an apple and a banana" (or a beach ball, biscuit  etc).

3 Then the next player takes their turn, repeating all the things that have gone before and naming something that begins with “C”. Continue taking turns coming up with a word that begins with the next letter in the alphabet. If you can’t remember all the things that went before, or get them out of order, or you can’t think of a word that begins with the correct letter, then  you’re out!
The last person in is the winner.

The number plate game

How to play

1 Decide on a category, such as “sports.” There are lots of different subjects you could come up with such as  movies, animals, cartoon characters, girls' names etc.

2 Allocate one player to be the “caller.” It is best to take turns at this for each round.

3 The caller will need to call out all the letters from the number plates of passing cars. Everybody else writes them down.

4 The first player to spell the name of a title or object within the category, using only the letters called out from the number plates, wins the round. The winner gets a point for each letter used. You can use each letter only once. If two people come up with a word at the same time, whoever has the longest word (has used the most letters) wins that round. A game could be made up of five to ten rounds.

Laugh out loud 

Who can keep the straightest face? The objective of this sidesplitting game is to make the other players laugh without cracking up yourself!

What you’ll need

* Two or more players
* Paper
* Pencil

How to play

1 The first player gets 30 seconds to do the silliest thing he or she can think of to try to make the others laugh: pull faces, do imitations, recite the words of Madonna songs in a Shakespearean accent. Players get one point for each player they make laugh, and lose one for each time they laugh at themselves or someone else.

2 Appoint one person to keep track of the score on a piece of paper. The scorekeeper can play the game, too, but it's best to have someone else score when it's the scorer's turn.

3 Each player takes a turn to try to get everyone else to crack a giggle. The first person to reach 10 points wins!

The Roadside Scrambler

Did you ever stop to think about how many different words you can make from the letters in "holiday"? "Idol", "hold", "aid" – how about “doily”? Now the race is on to see how many words you can make from the cities, streets, and signs you see along the way!

What you’ll need

* Two or more players
* Pen or pencil
* Paper 
* Timer or watch with second hand

How to play

1 Pick someone to be the caller. (The caller can also play the game.) The caller calls out the first two words from the first sign he or she sees.

2 The players write these two words down, and the race is on. Use the letters in the words to form as many new words as you can. For example, if the first sign the caller sees reads, “Tamworth: Next Exit,” the caller announces “Tamworth: Next”.  Everyone tries to form smaller, new words, such as “tame”, “water”, “wart”, “wax” and so on. Each letter in each word equals one point.

3 After two minutes, the caller calls time. Everyone now adds up his or her points. The player with the most points wins!

Face Race

Find out who the most creative artist is in this hilarious portrait game! Whether or not your pictures even look human, it's lots of fun.

What you’ll need

* Two or more players 
* Paper 
* Coloured pencils or pens (optional)
* Pen or pencil 
* Hard surface 

How to play

1 Each player has four minutes to draw a person that the other players know. It can be a famous person, such as a politician or a movie star, a cartoon or other fictional character, or someone in your town, such as a teacher or business person.

2 Be as detailed as possible. For example, if the person you are drawing has a distinguishing feature, such as a wart, a pointy beard, or dinged up Akubra hat, be sure to add that to the picture. It’ll make it easier for the other players to guess, and everyone will think you’re a great artist!

3 Take turns guessing who the other players drew. Whoever identifies the most people in the pictures wins.

Chains of famous names

Test your knowledge of famous people, both real and imagined.

What you’ll need

* Two or more players

How to play

1 One player starts by naming a famous person in history, the movies, books, songs or anything else you can think of.

2 The next player must name another famous person whose first name starts with the first letter of the last name of the previous famous person. Confused? Don’t be – it’s easy! If the person says “Orlando Bloom,” the next person has to say "Bart Simpson” or another name starting with “B.”

3 Then the following person has to say “Shane Warne” or another “S” name. Remember, they don’t have to be real people, just famous names! Even “Nemo” will do! See how many names you can connect together, but if  you can’t think of one, you’re out!

 'Celebrity Head'

Here's a favourite name game in which you have to pay close attention to all of the questions and all of the answers. Put all the clues together and see if you can guess who your mystery person is!

What you'll need

* Two or more players  
* A pen or pencil 
* Index cards

How to play

1 Each player writes down five famous names, each one on a separate index card. Famous names work the best, but they don't have to be real – try characters from movies or books.

2 Everyone draws one name from the person on his or her left, but without looking at it!

3 The players then hold the name they chose up to their foreheads so all the other players can see the name they picked.

4 Going around in a circle, each player takes a turn asking one question about the name he or she selected. Only yes or no questions are allowed. Examples: “Is the person a woman?” “Is the person a real historical figure?” “Does this person wear a cape?”

5 Keep asking questions that are more and more exact to narrow down your person’s identity. When you think you’ve got the answer, announce you identity. But be careful – two wrong guesses and you’re out!

6 The first player to guess correctly wins. Keep playing until all the names are used up. Then write more names and start again!


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