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Ski Tips for Kids

Ski Tips for KidsDon’t spend a fortune on suiting up your kids before they ever even hit the slopes! Rent, borrow or get second-hand ski equipment and clothing until you know your child is going to stick to it. Kids grow quickly (especially between snow seasons!) so you can get nearly new gear from friends and charity shops.

Make sure your child will stay dry and warm in the snow. Make sure the ski clothing is comfortable (in this case, bigger is better) and doesn’t leave any gaps for snow to get in. Comfortable goggles or glasses are also key, as is a helmet for safety.

Call ahead to ensure that equipment can be rented in the correct sizes. Some ski shops only keep limited quantities of small sizes in stock.

Let your kids get used to the snow – and most importantly, let them have fun! If the pressure of learning how to ski like a pro gets too much, take a break to build a snowman, make snow angels or go sledding.

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