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RID Medicated Insect Repellent           

Reach for the RID this Summer!
Nothing is more irritating than a swollen itchy mozzie bite. That’s why you need protection and relief that works!

Proudly Australian - Formulated in the Australian tropics in 1956, RID insect repellent is proudly 100% Australian Made & Owned with a long history of success in keeping the mozzies away.

The Formula - RID is the only First-Aid Medicated repellent – which means you can also apply RID after an insect bite to soothe and stop that itch, and it even helps prevent minor infections. RID also contains a special fly repellent, which combined with the active DEET means that RID effectively repels all mosquitoes, flies, fleas, sandflies, midges, ticks, ants, lice, even leeches.

RID for the Whole Family - There are five RID ranges to suit every need in any situation - Tropical Strength, Traditional Medicated, KIDS RID, Low Irritant & +30 Sunblock with Repellent (approved by Friends of the Earth).

Myths about DEET FACT: “DEET is the gold standard of repellent.” DEET has been considered the best protection since its discovery in the 1950’s with over 8 billion safe applications. MYTH: “The higher the % of DEET, the better the protection. “ Research indicates over 20% does not improve efficacy. World health authorities advise less than 30% for adults, and less than 10% for children. FACT: “RID’s formula is activated for longer protection time.” The W.H.O. recommended levels of DEET in RID are ‘activated’ with a special synergist, which means RID lasts much longer than other brands with the same levels of DEET.

“Remember the RID… you’ll be so glad you did!”



RID Medicated Insect Repellent

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